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Open Awareness (OA) is an expansive perception that promotes a resourceful state and the following qualities:

  • Introspection – metacognitive awareness in which we can mindfully observe mental activities, emotions and somatic experience
  • Outrospection – heightened awareness of others and the ways that we relate to them, which cultivates empathy and compassion
  • Envirospection – broad awareness of the space around us which connects us to everything in the environment and the cosmos

Applied OA is naturally eco-logical – beneficial for you, others, and the world (win-win-win).

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Open Awareness
New Paradigm Reset Resolutions

During the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jana Allmrodt and I compiled a list of Reset Resolutions that we believe will be of value to people around the world and our environment, as we enter the Post-Corona Paradigm.

We approached the lockdown period as a retreat in which we paused regularly to reflect deeply on the global situation, viewing it as a wake-up call for humanity to reset its values and priorities, and to update our collective operating system from ego-centeredness to eco-centeredness.

We believe that the pandemic and the way in which a majority of populations around the world have reacted to it bears the potential for a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. Herein lies an opportunity for human beings to more consciously and collaboratively co-create the conditions for a better world – a new normal in which people can look at life through new eyes, with open hearts and with a deepened appreciation for the value of our connection to each other, to our environment, and for the small things that make a big difference.

The 10 Reset Resolutions are intended to serve as a set of simple principles or guidelines for those who want to co-create a brighter present and future for themselves and for all inhabitants of our precious planet. We invite you to use this list as you wish and to share it widely.

Each of the Reset Resolutions listed below link to a related free resource – which we hope will support you to succeed in your endeavors and to flourish in the New Paradigm:

  1. Live life adventurously – one day at a time
  2. Travel light – let go of unnecessary baggage
  3. Be a tourist – connect with others, try new things
  4. Expand your map of reality – become friends with uncertainty
  5. See the bigger picture, think global, act local – make a difference
  6. In difficult situations, ask: What would love do? Trust your intuition
  7. Engage in practices that promote inner stillness and open awareness
  8. Regularly update your operating system – from ego (self) to eco (world), by means of:
  9. Daily compassionate activism – taking care of yourself (e.g. asking for help), doing something good for others and the world
  10. Cultivate gratitude for the precious moments of your life

Bonus resource: Free Authentic Self Empowerment mp3

Needs and Values Elicitation

Needs and Values Elicitation


By completing the Needs and Values Elicitation Form, you will gain a better understanding about how your current thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns play a role in the present state of your life, including the results that you are experiencing.


You will also gain clarity about what is important to you, what your authentic capabilities are, and how these can help you to achieve and sustain greater levels of fulfilment in the different areas of your life.


Ultimately, the form elicits your core values for life – represented by the alignment of your desired outcomes in all 5 contexts with your needs and values on all 5 levels. This can serve to propel your life forward with renewed motivation and an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose.


Needs and Values Elicitation Form
(free download)

Approved by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)

Year End Ritual

A Year End Ritual to help you generate gratitude for the blessings that the past year has brought you, to accept the difficult experiences and to let go of what you don’t want to carry beyond this year. It also helps to create a new vision and energy to propel your life forward meaningfully into the New Year.

  1. Year End RitualWrite down what you are grateful for over the past year – the small and big things – make your list as long as possible. From your list select the 5 blessings that you are most grateful for. Reflect on these 5 blessings and cherish them in your heart.
  2. Write down all the difficult experiences you had over the past year. Reflecting on the whole list, what can you learn about yourself from the sum of these experiences? How can you integrate what you have learned in a way that helps you to accept what you have gone through?
  3. Write down what you want to let go of so that you don’t carry that with you beyond this year. Reflect on this list and then imagine releasing the energy associated with those old things. It might be appropriate to take specific actions that enable you to completely move on – free of unnecessary baggage. Do what’s right for you, but without causing any harm.
  4. Imagine how you might experience yourself at the end of the coming year, should you achieve the year of your dreams! Step into this image of yourself being the way you truly want to be and feel the energy of this. Then ask yourself what your next step will be to fulfill this state, while being of positive value to the lives of others and to the world. Commit to taking that step and look forward to how it will create mutual success momentum throughout the coming year.

If you enjoyed ending the year with this ritual, then you may value starting the coming year with the ASE Practice.

Wishing you good health, prosperity, joy and Open Awareness in the New Year!

Healing benefits of being in The Void

There is so much for you to discover outside your map of reality…. Find out how being in “The Void” (Open Awareness) can be healing and transformative in this free video.

The Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) method involves transcending your current concept of reality and accessing “The Void” – a realm in which your consciousness is not limited in any way…

In an expanded and interconnected state where your mind is open and clear, you have the freedom to make fresh and creative choices, plus you are able to tap into your healing and transformative potential. Insights and healing energies from The Void can then be embodied and applied in your life in whichever way is meaningful to you. Continue Reading

(Read the article – Open Awareness

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On The Verge!.
You’ve either been there or you’re going to be there – On The Verge!

In this video Jevon Dängeli graphically demonstrates the result of NOT following our intrinsic impulses!

Relevant and encouraging…with a twist…

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THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVINGFree Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) tips & training resources delivered to your inbox.

ASE enables you to transcend the ego states that limit your personal, professional and spiritual growth. These recordings teach practical skills and facilitate guided processes that create inner alignment – bringing more of You to Life!

Discover how to access fresh perspectives and empowering states of consciousness as well as the means to apply them purposefully… Continue Reading

The Underlying Cause of Stress & BurnoutThis article reveals an underlying cause of distress and burnout, as well as how to deal with it.


Burnout is a form of suffering that affects people physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. It occurs when old ways of being in the world no longer work and start to disintegrate.


My research over the past 2 years has revealed that people who are negatively affected by stress and those who may become burnt out operate predominantly in a certain mode of perception. Furthermore, I have found that another specific type of perception can be learned and integrated, which in turn prevents stressful reactions and enables people to respond to challenging situations resourcefully and creatively. Continue Reading

Burnout Self Diagnostic Tool

The symptoms of burnout (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fatigue) spill over into other areas of the affected person’s life jeopardising their performance, motivation, personal relationships and social life, and can lead to depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders, as well as destructive behaviours toward self and others.

Burnout  is known to cause a narrowed awareness and dysfunction in individuals, amongst couples, as well as within organisations — resulting in lower productivity, higher absenteeism, poorer morale and performance issues. Continue Reading

Healing, Transformation, Personal Development & Spiritual GrowthThis 2-day healing, transformational and empowering experience includes learning and being guided through all the main ASE processes by Jevon Dangeli. ASE Emersion enables you to access your intrinsic wisdom, creativity and self healing potential and then guides you to implement your insights in personally meaningful and practical ways.

No previous experience is necessary. ASE Emersion is for anybody who wants to raise their level of awareness, establish more “flow” in their life, activate their inner healer and enhance their body-mind-spirit connection. Continue Reading

Stress & Burnout Rejuvenation RetreatsIf you want time away from your daily routines to replenish yourself or if you suffer from excessive stress or the symptoms of burnout, our Rejuvenation Retreat is especially for you.

Come as you are, leave refreshed on all levels and ready to take life on! Continue Reading