New Paradigm Reset Resolutions -

New Paradigm Reset Resolutions

New Paradigm Reset Resolutions

During the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jana Allmrodt and I compiled a list of Reset Resolutions that we believe will be of value to people around the world and our environment, as we enter the Post-Corona Paradigm.

We approached the lockdown period as a retreat in which we paused regularly to reflect deeply on the global situation, viewing it as a wake-up call for humanity to reset its values and priorities, and to update our collective operating system from ego-centeredness to eco-centeredness.

We believe that the pandemic and the way in which a majority of populations around the world have reacted to it bears the potential for a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. Herein lies an opportunity for human beings to more consciously and collaboratively co-create the conditions for a better world – a new normal in which people can look at life through new eyes, with open hearts and with a deepened appreciation for the value of our connection to each other, to our environment, and for the small things that make a big difference.

The 10 Reset Resolutions are intended to serve as a set of simple principles or guidelines for those who want to co-create a brighter present and future for themselves and for all inhabitants of our precious planet. We invite you to use this list as you wish and to share it widely.

Each of the Reset Resolutions listed below link to a related free resource – which we hope will support you to succeed in your endeavors and to flourish in the New Paradigm:

  1. Live life adventurously – one day at a time
  2. Travel light – let go of unnecessary baggage
  3. Be a tourist – connect with others, try new things
  4. Expand your map of reality – become friends with uncertainty
  5. See the bigger picture, think global, act local – make a difference
  6. In difficult situations, ask: What would love do? Trust your intuition
  7. Engage in practices that promote inner stillness and open awareness
  8. Regularly update your operating system – from ego (self) to eco (world), by means of:
  9. Daily compassionate activism – taking care of yourself (e.g. asking for help), doing something good for others and the world
  10. Cultivate gratitude for the precious moments of your life

Bonus resource: Free Authentic Self Empowerment mp3

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