The Future In Your Hands - ASE Progression Technique

The Future In Your Hands

The Future In Your Hands - ASE Progression TechniqueWe’ve all outgrown childhood pains. We’ve gained experience and understanding that enables us to let go of what bothered us in the past. We’re bigger and wiser now!

Similarly, our current challenges will be resolvable in time to come. Eventually we’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel…

Imagine you could already know now what you will know in the future…

What would it be like to face any present issue with the awareness that has already resolved it?

In this ASE training video, Jevon Dangeli teaches a Progression technique and describes how you can transcend the experience of time metaphorically in order to gain useful insights from your Future Self.

This approach is effective at helping individuals deal with indecision, procrastination, dilemmas and feelings of being stuck or trapped.

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