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Overcoming Fear of Abandonment

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A healing story for children and adults

The fear of being left alone, uncared for or unloved is one of the deepest fears that every human experiences. It underpins many other kinds of fears and can result in anxiety, attention-seeking behaviour, co-dependency, relationship issues, social disorders, and destructive habits.

Good news: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and therefore greater freedom as an adult. Healing, transformation, and empowerment are always possible. That’s what the Luca’s Island recording is all about.

Luca’s Island is a story (written and narrated by Jevon Dangeli) that includes guided visualizations and metaphors to facilitate a natural and positive transformative process. Although this recording was created for children, it addresses the inner-child for people of all ages..



Approved by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)A common cause of the fear of abandonment is when children are left to cry themselves to sleep. Family physician Dr. Gabor Maté, states:

People cannot consciously recall what they “learned” in the first year of life because the brain structures that store narrative memory are not yet developed. But neuropsychological research has established that human beings have a far more powerful memory system imprinted in their nervous systems called intrinsic memory. Intrinsic memory encodes the emotional aspects of early experience, mostly in the prefrontal lobe of the brain. These emotional memories may last a lifetime. Without any recall of the events that originally encoded them, they serve as a template for how we perceive the world and how we react to later occurrences. (Source)

Including bedtime trauma, the causes of the fear of abandonment might stem from earlier events, as suggested by the following early development professionals:

Obstetrician, Dr. Michael Odent, suggests that the quality of life in the womb, during birth and post-birth lays the foundation for a loving and altruistic relationship with fellow humans, or conversely for a mistrusting and aggressive attitude toward society. Daniel Siegel, a clinical professor of psychiatry confirms in his book The Mindful Brain that our earliest experiences shape the narrative of our lives. Dr. Marcy Axness, an early development specialist states in her book Parenting for Peace that the baby’s experience during birth significantly influences that child’s psychological development. In his book Psychology of the Future, psychiatrist Stan Grof makes it clear that the way in which babies are treated around the time of birth sets the course for that individual’s emotional and social development throughout life. The field of Perinatal Psychology validates that the potential for a fear of abandonment to manifest is associated with the baby being removed from their mother within the first couple hours after birth.

Clearly the fear of abandonment is something that affects all of us, and the severity of these effects differs from one individual to the next. In any case, the fear of abandonment is responsible for many of our anti-social and destructive behaviours, as well as the relationship issues that are common in our society.

The Luca’s Island recording is created to help you and/or your child overcome the fear of abandonment.