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ASE Sessions with Jevon DängeliNo matter what you think you are,
You are more than that!
Me too…


I’m an adventure seeking and curious person who finds people and life amazing! I love being out and about in nature with family and friends and by myself. I’m married to my soul mate and we are the grateful parents of a sensitive boy and a courageous girl. I’ve always been intrigued by human behaviour and what differentiates us as people. However, it’s what connects and unifies all of us as human beings that most fascinates me.

I’m the author of 5 books relating to Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE), including  The User Manual for Your Mind. I’ve recorded over 30 audio-programmes that include ASE plus other personal development and performance enhancing methodologies.

I was a Judo coach and personal fitness trainer in my 20’s. In 1998 I began studying a variety of alternative healing methods, travelling extensively to learn from leaders in this field. Since then I’ve been passionately involved in helping people overcome their physical, emotional, relationship and spiritual challenges. I’ve been providing NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy certification training around Europe, the UK and South Africa since 2004. My training and experience along some profound personal insights lead to the formalisation of the Authentic Self Empowerment™ approach in 2007. Since then I’ve been using ASE methods in every session with my clients as it has proven to be the most effective set of skills in my coaching, therapy and training repertoire. This has lead to the development of my newest and most comprehensive course – Traspersonal Coach Training.

In 2015 I completed a Masters (MSc) degree in ‘Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology’ through the university of Middlesex, UK. This three year course included researching how one of the ASE techniques helps to reduce stress and prevent burnout while enhancing one’s performance.

I’ve had an interest in what motivates human behaviour for as long as I can remember. My desire to help people lead a purposeful life was catapulted when I survived an armed robbery at age 25. The perpetrator deliberately shot at me at close range and the bullet narrowly missed my head. This near death experience became a defining moment for me. I felt spared for a reason and after intense soul searching the reason became clear: Make every moment of your life count, not because you never know when it may be over, but because every experience counts for something valuable!

Although many years of training and experience continue contributing to the development of ASE, it was during a series of unignorable revelations that appeared during meditation where the initial ideas and motivation to create ASE were inspired. I was given a mission! Now, through studying, using and teaching ASE I’m able to fulfil this mission – helping people discover their true value, while being a proactive part of the Whole to which we all want to belong.

As an ASE Facilitator & Trainer, my core skill is guiding individuals and teaching groups how to overcome perceived obstacles, limiting beliefs, unwanted negative emotions and dis-ease so that you can become more self aware and experience greater levels of joy, resourcefulness and productivity in your personal and professional life.

The certification courses that I provide are recognised and approved by the following international organisations:









My job is to remind you that:

“When you change your internal map of reality, you change your external experience of reality too. And when you change your experience of reality, the world changes. That’s how valuable you are!”

Dr. Denis Allard from Belgium says:

“Jevon does not believe it is always easy to change, but from his deep conviction he advises on ways to reprogram your deep seated belief systems. And he gets the bigger picture…the one where all is interconnected and interdependent. Sometimes his solutions might look simplistically easy…that’s why you should give them a try next time your thoughts are dragging you down.”


So, what is Authentic Self Empowerment?

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