What is Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE)?


ASE Licensed TrainerAuthentic Self Empowerment (ASE) guides you to transcend the ego states that limit your personal, professional and spiritual growth.


ASE utilises attention shifting skills that enable you to connect with and be empowered by your Authentic Self.

Combining approaches from NLP, Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology, ASE provides the means to elevate your perspective, presence and performance. ASE is not just about personal transformation, it’s about creating a shift in your own consciousness and in so doing, becoming a brighter presence in the lives of others and in the world.

In addition to ASE being our intrinsic mode of operating in the world, its approaches integrate specific principles that enable people to deal with all types of stressful situations with greater ease. ASE includes a simple, practical and dynamic set of skills that anyone can learn and use to deal with challenges effectively, no matter which level they manifested on — physical, psychological or spiritual.

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ASE empowers people to be in control in stressful situations by allowing for a variety of responses rather than being in a ‘knee jerk reaction’ mode. It also enables the individual to decide their own outcome in any situation instead of being controlled by external influences. – Grigor Stewart

ASE methods help people recognise that they need not be limited in any way —
enabling them to open their mind in order to respond more wisely and creatively in every context. ASE is especially useful for those who want to elevate their level of personal development and spiritual growth, as well as those who seek healing or transformation in any area of life.

Authentically empowered people are more aware of their intuition and able to trust their inner voice, gut feel or visions.

Authentic states motivate us to take resourceful actions that serve our best interest while maintaining compassion for the welfare of others and the environment. Experienced ASE facilitators have found that being of service to the needs of people and our ecosystem helps to further integrate ASE more fully.

The establishment and maintenance of Mindful Resilience is a natural aspect of ASE.


Stress & Burnout Rejuvenation RetreatsHow can ASE help me?

ASE is a powerful way to change the unconscious patterns that are responsible for unwanted behaviours. It enables you to re-program your unconscious mind, so that you can be more resourceful in any area of life.

ASE can help you to overcome the debilitating emotions and mindsets that prevent your success and happiness. A debilitating emotion is one that is toxic to the body and interferes with its balance and harmonious functioning. Fear, anxiety, anger, bearing a grudge, sadness, hatred, jealousy and envy all disrupt the energy flow through your body, affect the heart, the immune system, digestion, production of hormones, and so on.

Through gentle guided processes incorporating mindfulness, visualization and kinaesthetic awareness – your issue is healed and transformed as its occurrence takes on a new meaning in your life. You become empowered as the blockages to the flow of energy in your body and mind naturally disappear. Necessary resources and relevant learnings are accessed metaphorically to change any limiting perspectives and beliefs. Then new options, responses and alternative behaviours are introduced and appropriately integrated.

ASE in coaching, therapy & counseling

“In oneself lies the whole world, and if you know how to look and learn, then the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either that key or the door to open, except yourself”.
– J. Krishnamurti

Authentic Self Empowerment developed by Jevon Dangeli

How does the ASE approach work?

Since the way in which people define their reality is based on their perceptions and defined metaphorically through language, insight and change of any internal and subjective representation will have a direct result in that person’s external and objective experience. In fact, changes to imaginative representations have been correlated with changes in heart rate, galvanic skin response, blood pressure, and a host of other chemical and neurophysiological effects. For this reason, changes in metaphoric representation effects cognition, which in turn generates new thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Just as any problem is created through the conditioned perceptual filters of the mind, so too can the solution be found by means of new expanded and resourceful perceptions being brought into awareness. Transformation and healing occurs when the boundaries which contained the problem are transcended and new learnings, choices and solutions are actualised.

Mental and/or emotional problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness or loneliness can only exist to the extent that we hold these conditions within our perceptual parameters of space and time.

As Dr Tim Brunson (Hypnotherapist) puts it: “Just about all mental pathologies involve some level of dysfunctional space/time perceptual orientation. This is especially true of traumas, which include an overly intense past orientation, and fears, phobias, and anxieties, which normally primarily involve an excessive future orientation. Space/time perceptions are implicated even with bad habits, personality disorders, and delusions, which often are associated with bipolar and schizophrenia. Furthermore, these concepts also come to play when coaching a person for performance improvement.”

ASE methods utilise how we subjectively code space and time in our perceptual awareness, so as to facilitate healing in the past, grounding in the present and positive motivation about the future.

ASE methods enable you to update limiting perceptions with more truthful metaphors that empower you and support natural healing processes. Once the subjective boundaries of space and time are transcended you gain access to your inner resources that are normally hidden behind such barriers.

A sense of freedom, inner peace, joy and aliveness will flow with greater ease into your life when the barriers that prevent them are removed. The basic ASE process can include the discovery of your life’s greater purpose and enable you to harness your own suitable, personal and practical way of implementing this.

What are the Principles of Authentic Self Empowerment?

ASE in coaching, therapy & counseling

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