Transpersonal Coach Training

The Transpersonal Coaching ModelEmpowering people to transcend the ego states, mindsets and behaviours that inhibit their personal, professional and spiritual growth.


This 12-day course (consisting of two 6-day live training modules) is for anyone who is interested in becoming a coach, as well as for professional coaches who want to learn our transpersonal coaching specialty.

Presented by Dr Hennie Geldenhuys and 
Jevon Dangeli – MSc Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Coach, NLP Trainer (more about Jevon below).

The transpersonal coaching approach is effective at helping clients to overcome the limiting beliefs, debilitating emotions and negative reactions that prevent their success and happiness. This holistic and integral approach to coaching makes use of transpersonal states and perspectives in order to resolve issues in any context — personal and/or interpersonal and/or spiritual.

Transpersonal coaching processes by their very nature can lead to transformation or spiritual awakening. This type of coaching involves establishing and healing the root causes of issues, as well as resolving all other determinants of clients’ problems. Sessions include processes that are both remedial and generative — guiding clients to clear their past and become more fulfilled and empowered in the present. This includes helping clients to establish greater meaning and a sense of purpose, which in turn enables them to move forward in their lives with clarity and joy.

The Transpersonal Coaching ModelAt this course you will have a first-hand experience of transformation in coaching through guided processes and supervised practice sessions as both coach and client. You will learn how to facilitate processes for clients to experience highly resourceful states that can be leveraged for positive change in any area of the client’s life.

The techniques and methodologies taught at this course combine Transpersonal Psychology and Mindfulness based interventions and holistic applications of NLP.  You will leave with advanced yet simple approaches to effectively help your clients achieve sustainable outcomes. One of the unique attributes of this course is learning how to identify and make constructive use of the transpersonal phenomena that arise in sessions with clients.

Another unique aspect of this coaching methodology is its elegant use of attention shifting processes to promote resourceful states and responses – despite the severity of the challenge being faced. You will enhance your knowledge and ability to facilitate effective coaching interventions, through eliciting and leveraging spontaneous altered states – which readily occur in coaching. There will be plenty demonstrations, supervised practice and guided integration sessions.


How this course works:


The Transpersonal Coaching ModelThis 12-day course includes two 6-day live training modules followed by 3 masterclasses via Skype (making up 100 hours of live training). All 12 days can be completed in one go (with a 4 day break in the middle), or the course can be split by attending the first module only and then returning to complete the second module at a later stage.

Upon enrollment, participants are provided with a series of training videos and audio recordings to watch and listen to prior to attending the course. A comprehensive set of post-course resources is also provided (making up about 50 hours of online training). This complete course totals about 150 hours of training.


The 2 modules of this course consist of 4 parts, namely:

Certificates are granted after completing each part of the course.
See the certification criteria for parts 1, 2 & 3 in the above links and for part 4, see below.

The Transpersonal Coaching Model


Summary of the course content:

  • How to facilitate a context (hold the space) that promotes expanded states of consciousness and insight
  • How to harness the potential for growth and spiritual awakening in crises
  • Holistic coaching methodologies for healing and transformation
  • Transpersonal interventions to resolve psycho-spiritual issues
  • How to enable clients to make constructive use of peak states
  • Deep clearing and releasing of unwanted states and beliefs
  • Mindfulness based methods to resolve unconscious issues
  • How to induce and utilise various states of consciousness
  • Attention shifting methods to access inner resources
  • Conversational regression & progression techniques
  • Coaching methods that go beyond ego gratification
  • How to coach the whole person: mind–body–spirit
  • How to coach groups & teams in various contexts

Transpersonal Coach Training By the end of this course you will have an in depth understanding of our Transpersonal Coaching Model and be competent at using it.


Get professional coaching skills and many mind expanding experiences!


No previous experience required


Anyone above the age of 20 may apply to attend the Transpersonal Coach Training. This course is also for experienced coaches, as it teaches a completely different style of coaching compared to the conventional approach. Transpersonal coaching is unique and works well in all contexts.


The presuppositions of transpersonal coaching:

  1. Mind-Body-Spirit is one holistic system.
  2. All coaching interventions should lead to integration and wholeness.
  3. Self actualization is the process of unveiling who we already are on more intrinsic levels.
  4. Personal problems are linked to limited self-concepts and narrowed modes of perception, thus –
  5. Expanding one’s self-concept and opening one’s mode of perception can be generative and transformative.
  6. All human beings are more than they think they are, therefore they are capable of more than they think.
  7. How we perceive and relate to people, influences their perceptions and capabilities in our presence.
  8. All states are constantly changing, therefore we always have the choice to change how we experience any situation.
  9. Everyone and all phenomena are interconnected on some level(s), and it is possible to experience degrees of this interconnectedness to the point of unity consciousness.
  10. Transformation in coaching is promoted by transcending our sense of separateness and cultivating a sense of interconnection and oneness.


To read what people have said about the course, see TESTIMONIALS


The following articles describe the value of transpersonal coaching and how it works:



By completing this course you will be certified as a

Transpersonal Coach

recognised and approved by:

The Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network

The International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors

The International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology & Hypnosis


Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network (TCTN)Approved by the International Network of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

Approved by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)




Module 1 only: London 7-12 October 2017 details
…………………………………..Hamburg 26-31 August 2017 details

Complete course:
South Africa, Langebaan
Module 1:
24 Feb – 1 March 2018
Module 2:
 6-11 March 2018
on agreed dates
Venue: The Sanctuary, 7 Bifolia Street, Langebaan
Training times: 10am – 6pm daily

Course fees – includes all learning materials, lunches & refreshments:

Module 1 (6 days + ASE Facilitator certificate)
Early booking R 19 900.-
Standard R 20 900.-
Corporate R 21 900.-

Module 2 (6 days, 3 masterclasses + 3 certificates: Advanced ASE, Hypnotherapy, Coach)
Early booking R 24 900.-
Standard R 25 900.-
Corporate R 26 900.-

Transpersonal Coach TrainingModule 2 special fee: For those who have previously done ASE Advanced Facilitator Training R 9 900.-




Coach accreditation:

This Transpersonal Coach course fulfills all the criteria for accreditation by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM). Those who complete this course will be eligible for coach accreditation.

Certification criteria:

Jevon DängeliThe Transpersonal Coach certificate is provided once all 12 days of live training and the 3 masterclasses have been attended, our Code of Ethics has been signed, as well as 50 hours of experience (post-course sessions with clients) have been logged and submitted, plus a report has been completed – describing the details of 10 of those sessions.

About the trainer – Jevon Dangeli:

Jevon is a certified NLP trainer, transpersonal coach and hypnotherapist who has provided live training in these areas since 2004. He gained his MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology from Middlesex University. He has written seven training manuals and recorded over 30 audio-programmes, as well as a comprehensive video series where he teaches psychological methods for personal and professional development. He is the developer of the Authentic Self-Empowerment (ASE) approach that combines the holistic aspects of NLP with mindfulness and transpersonal psychology. ASE is a fundamental aspect of the transpersonal coaching model that Jevon teaches in his live transpersonal coach training, as well as in an online MSc Transpersonal Psychology programme and a Post-Graduate Certificate course in transpersonal coaching through Alef Trust and the Professional Development Foundation – accredited by Middlesex University and IACTM.

For more details about this course, please contact us

  • I enjoyed the ASE course thoroughly and it exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the fact that it was not airy-fairy stuff, but based on neurological and psychological facts, but still had a powerful effect on me as a human being.

    My biggest insight was that I can change my “filters” and “programming” (neurological pathways) from a young age up to now to have a better and more baggage free life and that I can live more aware and mindful every day and experience other people and life in a new way.

    Aisie Sinclair Businessman

  • What I enjoyed most about the ASE Emersion event is that the methodology works... I feel empowered. I have tools that can guide me and enable me to be more in control of my life, thoughts and actions. Life does not have to be auto-pilot! Sometimes in the past... it felt as if life was happening to me... I now feel that I can affect life, in how I feel, experience and engage with life... future, past and present.

    Marius Botha Agriculture

  • I loved every moment of the course. My greatest learning was that I am so much more than what I ever could have dreamt of. Broken to whole. Sad to strong. Heavy to light. Lost to found. Dark to bright. Crumbling to solid. Empty to complete. Seeking to fulfilled. Hope to reality!

    Lana Sinclair Mother & business owner

  • Jevon's vast knowledge and profound way of facilitating this course is outstanding, I got much more than what I expected!

    Ursula Scholtz ASE Facilitator

  • This course is magical and transformational – at last I feel competent and confident to do what needs to be done. Jevon and the lovely group created a fun, authentic, kind, gentle and safe space for learning.

    Geertje Bredenkamp ASE Facilitator

  • Jevon remains grounded and real at all times, which creates the best environment for learning. ASE is a great tool that is versatile and fluid. It is also a fool-proof modality.

    Scholastica Williams Human Rights Activist

  • I felt understood at all times, integrated and encouraged. The group was so well guided by Jevon despite the different personalities. I really learnt to believe in my abilities – thank you!

    Estie Teale Business woman

  • Jevon and the group created a powerful connection between all of us and a beautiful bond. The venue was also awesome. I have learnt how to deal with my own perceived issues and can now help others in an easy, well-structured way.

    Jason Newmark Entrepreneur

  • ASE has offered me new ideas, new concepts and new learnings. Everybody can benefit from some ASE nourishment, even if they have no issues. Thank you Jevon!

    Mandy Beart ASE Facilitator

  • The ASE approach is profound in that it inspires answers that really bring about healing and freedom. Awesome!

    Arnold Hofmeyr ASE Facilitator

  • ASE Facilitator Training is for anyone who is willing and open to shifting how life's challenges can be healed and transformed in a practical, do-able and user-friendly way.

    Joanne Moss Coach

  • I am very excited about the great change that has taken place in me on a day to day and moment to moment basis during the pre-study and attendance of the ASE Facilitator Training as well as the Advanced ASE Facilitator Training.

    Mika Button  Secretary

  • Some deep and fundamental work was done. A truly warming and wonderful experience.

    Gillian Barber Recruiter

  • The ASE Facilitator Training has been an awesome experience and has already enriched my life, I am much calmer. I can´t wait to take this further, it is something that I will continue applying for the rest of my life.

    Doug Thomas Businessman

  • I loved the amazing interaction with a highly developed group in a space held by an outstanding trainer/facilitator. The ASE Facilitator Training has met every need in me to take my skills to another level – certainly the best training incorporating already existing methods in a totally different way to bring about huge transformation.

    Shelley Whitehead Relationship Coach

  • The ASE Facilitator Training provided lots of new tools and strengthened my beliefs in my own potential and capabilities. What I enjoyed most was the amazing feeling of support from Jevon and the group. A consciousness that we were all learning, therefore all questions were welcome, as well as no judgement or criticism for needing to use the manual during the practical exercises.

    Lara Horne Training co-ordinator

  • I found ASE Facilitator Training extremely helpful, especially for my own personal practice of meditation. I've been on a spiritual path for more than 34 years but the ASE training has given me greater understanding of myself as well as others. I really appreciated Jevon's very natural, casual and unpretentious approach in teaching and supporting.

    Manda Patel Spiritual Teacher

  • The course was fantastic, well presented, with such authenticity and love. It was a deeply profound journey, both personally and professionally. I really enjoyed the energy between us in the group and how we all learnt to really tap into our intuition. The facilitation and development of “peripheral awareness” allowed us to integrate the ASE processes at a deep level so that we left the training competent at facilitating them.

    Stephanie Maurel Pilates instructor

  • Thank you Jevon for creating and holding the space, for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Jana for all the arrangements and making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you both for doing what you do with so much love and passion.

    Mariaan van Vuuren Yoga teacher

  • The ASE Facilitator Training was delivered professionally with sensitivity and intuition. The integration of theory and experience and practice was seamless and impressive – a remarkable journey! It was life-changing. I loved every second of this course!

    Dr Hennie Geldenhuys Medical Doctor