The Underlying Cause of Stress & Burnout

The Underlying Cause of Stress & Burnout

The Underlying Cause of Stress & BurnoutThis article reveals an underlying cause of distress and burnout, as well as how to deal with it.


Burnout is a form of suffering that affects people physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. It occurs when old ways of being in the world no longer work and start to disintegrate.


My research over the past 2 years has revealed that people who are negatively affected by stress and those who may become burnt out operate predominantly in a certain mode of perception. Furthermore, I have found that another specific type of perception can be learned and integrated, which in turn prevents stressful reactions and enables people to respond to challenging situations resourcefully and creatively.


The Problem:


Those who focus on dealing with several needs at once, or resolving a crisis, or achieve a goal at all costs – often succumb to the state of tunnel awareness. This limiting type of perception reduces one’s ability to identify more effective ways of approaching the situation and keeps one locked in perpetuating patterns of behaviour. People who are stressed or in burnout usually get stuck in a form of tunnel awareness. Such a fixation of attention polarises whatever one is focussed on and deletes most of what is in the periphery of one’s awareness. This is why problems remain problems! The physiological and psychological effects of excessive stress and burnout are outcomes of operating for too long in a state of tunnel awareness.


The Solution:


There is a natural mode of perception that can help people become more aware of both their inner and outer resources. It is known to reduce unwanted self talk and tension in the body, while increasing one’s level of resilience and the ability to think outside the box. This type of perception is known as peripheral awareness – a skill that opens the aperture of one’s awareness to reveal the bigger picture. This practical resource rapidly alleviates reactions to stress and reduces the harmful effects of negative emotions, while enabling one to overcome limited perceptions about oneself and one’s capabilities.


The open, receptive and calm state of mind and body induced by peripheral awareness has proven to be an effective burnout prevention resource, since it helps people to be productive and creative with more ease.


For more information about the science behind peripheral awareness, read more here.


Written by Jevon Dangeli (Authentic Self Empowerment trainer & burnout specialist)


Peripheral awareness is one of the Authentic Self Empowerment skills taught by Jevon Dangeli at his Stress & Burnout seminars & retreats as well as in his Mindful Resilience Programme