Expanding Self Awareness

Expanding Self Awareness

Expanding Self AwarenessIn this expanding self awareness (Open Awareness) process, Jevon Dängeli guides you to experience the interrelatedness between your current state and your past, as well as potential future experiences that influence you in the present.

This is not just a guided meditation, it’s about expanding your sense of self in order to gain insight, as well as deal with challenges more mindfully and resourcefully.

This is an empowering and transformative process that can benefit anyone. It involves a practical form of meditation that can be applied for healing purposes, as well as for clearing the psychological obstacles that jeopardise performance.


At the live Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator Training where this video was recorded, the participants were encouraged to take a walk around the garden in order to reorient themselves at the end of the process. Please ensure that you feel reorientated after the process before continuing with other activities.