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Coaching for TransformationIn this presentation, Transpersonal Coach Jevon Dangeli introduces the 3 cornerstones of transformation in coaching.

Coaching may serve as an escalator toward transformation by incorporating perspectives and processes that promote expanded states of consciousness.

A transpersonal approach in coaching can help one to identify how they create their perception of reality, while establishing a widened awareness that includes a new, tangible and desirable reality, as well as ways to integrate this into one’s life.

This 17 minute video presentation covers:

  • Can coaching lead to transformation?
  • What might such coaching processes involve?
  • Which criteria promote transformation in coaching?
  • What is the value of transpersonal perspectives?

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chakrasIn this presentation, Transpersonal Coach – Jevon Dangeli describes an approach to coaching the whole person and its applications in various contexts.


Transpersonal coaching empowers people to transcend the ego states, mindsets and behaviours that inhibit their personal, professional and spiritual growth.


This 20 minute video presentation covers:

  • What does it mean to “coach the whole person”?
  • What is the value of a transpersonal approach to coaching?
  • Can spiritual solutions be useful to people with ‘real life’ problems?
  • What is the role of a transpersonal coach?

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Expanding Self AwarenessIn this expanding self awareness (Open Awareness) process, Jevon Dängeli guides you to experience the interrelatedness between your current state and your past, as well as potential future experiences that influence you in the present.

This is not just a guided meditation, it’s about expanding your sense of self in order to gain insight, as well as deal with challenges more mindfully and resourcefully.

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Healing, Transformation, Personal Development & Spiritual Growth“What you resist, persists.” – Carl Jung

“What you embrace, you can change.” – Jevon Dängeli

“Shadows” (in psychology) are those parts of ourselves that we deny or hide. They are the unconscious aspects of our personality that we project onto others. We can recognise our shadows by identifying situations where we have judged others, without seeing the quality being judged in ourselves.

Carl Jung describes shadows as sub-personalities that were disowned — pushed down into our unconscious as a result of difficult emotional events in childhood, in an attempt to cope. Later in life, when our shadows are triggered, they evoke powerful emotional reactions. Shadows attract people and circumstances into our life — offering us the opportunity to take ownership of these aspects of ourselves — in order to become more integrated and authentic. Continue Reading

the joy of nothing

Who would have thought that joy, bliss and happiness can come out of nothing?

It’s a universal principle that everything comes from nothing. It’s like prior to receiving a surprise gift, you never had the gift, other than merely a potential gift that you knew nothing about in your conscious awareness.

What precedes the existence of material things are the ideas that bring those objects into existence. Prior to those ideas there was nothing besides their potential existence, or, as Dr Brian L. Lancaster suggests (in his book Approaches to Consciousness, 2004), a “preconscious awareness” of their existence. The same principle applies to each person’s present state – in terms of their emotional feelings and motivation level. In other words, your current state of mind came out of nothing. Continue Reading

Healing benefits of being in The Void

There is so much for you to discover outside your map of reality…. Find out how being in “The Void” (Open Awareness) can be healing and transformative in this free video.

The Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) method involves transcending your current concept of reality and accessing “The Void” – a realm in which your consciousness is not limited in any way…

In an expanded and interconnected state where your mind is open and clear, you have the freedom to make fresh and creative choices, plus you are able to tap into your healing and transformative potential. Insights and healing energies from The Void can then be embodied and applied in your life in whichever way is meaningful to you. Continue Reading

Healing Attention & Treating Pain video with Jevon Dängeli

Pain is a message from your body to change how you pay attention.

A medical doctor at this ASE Facilitator training commented that “all physical illnesses or symptoms have some metaphysical component”. Jevon’s response addresses how ASE healing interventions work on both the physical and metaphysical level simultaneously.

You will learn how to identify the symptom’s message and how to enhance your self healing potential through focussing your attention in a specific way.

Jevon also describes how the ASE approach differs from traditional hypnotherapy and is similar to Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Continue Reading

Living Your MessageIn this video (14 min) of a presentation to students from 16 countries, Jevon Dängeli outlines how to identify and express your core message.

We all have a message to share with the world, or at least something important to articulate in certain contexts.
This video shows you how to:

  • Identify your vision and the best words to describe it.
  • Speak with authenticity and congruence.
  • Establish rapport with any audience.
  • Present to people across cultures.
  • Integrate appropriate metaphors.
  • Remain centred and grounded.
  • Use body language effectively.
  • Live your message!

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Transformational stories in coaching, therapy & training with Jevon DängeliIn this video (filmed at a live ASE Facilitator Training) Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates how to use metaphor and transformational stories in coaching, therapy and training contexts.

You will learn how to:

– Tell meaningful stories with charisma.
– Create or select appropriate stories for particular audiences.
– How to make sessions and presentations fun and memorable.
– Utilise and leverage the metaphors that clients use to describe their issues.
– Bring about ecological change in the unconscious mind of your client or audience.
– Get your listeners to associate into the story and identify with the relevant character.
– Integrate “open loops” in order to establish appropriate states amongst your listeners.
– Include “thresholds” in stories so that your listeners take ownership of their outcomes.

The content of this video is multilayered. You will have experiences on various levels, while learning how to use transformational stories for positive impact.
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On The Verge!.
You’ve either been there or you’re going to be there – On The Verge!

In this video Jevon Dängeli graphically demonstrates the result of NOT following our intrinsic impulses!

Relevant and encouraging…with a twist…

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The Future In Your Hands - ASE Progression TechniqueWe’ve all outgrown childhood pains. We’ve gained experience and understanding that enables us to let go of what bothered us in the past. We’re bigger and wiser now!

Similarly, our current challenges will be resolvable in time to come. Eventually we’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel…

Imagine you could already know now what you will know in the future…

What would it be like to face any present issue with the awareness that has already resolved it?

In this ASE training video, Jevon Dangeli teaches a Progression technique and describes how you can transcend the experience of time metaphorically in order to gain useful insights from your Future Self.

This approach is effective at helping individuals deal with indecision, procrastination, dilemmas and feelings of being stuck or trapped. Continue Reading

Peripheral Awareness PresentationThe light at the end of the tunnel is within reach!

In this video Jevon Dängeli introduces his research in “peripheral awareness” (aka Open Awareness).

Peripheral awareness has been found to enhance one’s level of well-being, resourcefulness and mindful resilience, as well as evoke particular transpersonal phenomena – which are outlined in this presentation.

The presentation includes an introduction to the research methods used, preliminary results and the potential implications of these results in terms of stress management, burnout prevention and psychological health.

For a free training video where Jevon guides you to experience peripheral awareness visit here.

Peripheral awareness is an integral aspect of  the ASE approach. Continue Reading