Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

Why Your Life Is Not A JourneyLet’s be honest, 2016 had its ups and its downs!

By seeing life as a journey with a destination to be reached, we may find ourselves constantly climbing up from the downs and slipping down from the ups… year after year…

Is life meant to be a journey?

What if life was more like a dance? 

By seeing life as dance, we can join in to any extent, choosing our own style of music and way of dancing. We can dance alone or with others, this way and that way, inside and out, day and night. We can dance like nobody is watching – wild, tribal, funky, sensual, anything goes! Dancing is a playful and spontaneous expression of life that brings about each successive step and the possibilities are endless.

While you’re in the dance, there is no judgement, no resistance and no dispute. You simply move to the beat of your heart! This promotes joy and enthusiasm, as well as creativity, flexibility and resilience. Your Authentic Self can be awakened by seeing life as a dance.

If there was ever a time to join the dance of life, it is now! It’s never too late to adopt the Life Is A Dance attitude. In that way everyone can dance! We’re made for it and it’s fun!

Choose to play your music, find your rhythm and follow your flow! Every step you dance (or don’t) is your choice!

Below is an inspirational video “Why Your Life Is Not A Journey” (4:28 min) narrated by philosopher Allan Watts.

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