What does it mean to be Authentic?

Healing, Transformation, Personal Development & Spiritual GrowthGenerally speaking, authentic means being true to who you are. In other words, seeking to remain as genuine, honest and ‘real’ as possible while abstaining from deliberately playing a role or portraying a mask.

In the context of ASE, Authentic means Being True to who You Are! The capitalisations are intended to emphasize that there is more to what we think (and believe) we are, that our Authentic nature is beyond the scope of what we can consciously conceive of. This more intrinsic level of Authenticity is the core of what makes us human. When actualised, our Authentic Self guides us like an internal compass and we are able to tune into that level of awareness where we can be inspired, resourceful, creative and empowered in all situations. Being True means acknowledging and valuing the vastness of our own Authenticity as well as that of all others.

Davis et all (2015) describe the Authentic Self as a deep sense of integrity and connection with one’s deepest or authentic sense of self. This source of spirituality typically does not imply that the self is an object of worship, but rather it involves seeking a sense of deep authenticity, genuineness, congruence, and acceptance of the self.

ASE Facilitators embody the belief that every human being is a unique expression of a deeper level of awareness that is the repository of our collective consciousness. Beyond this there are even more subtle levels of consciousness that are not limited by space or time and which also constitute the Authentic Self. We are like waves on the surface of the ocean, no two are the same, yet all come from the same source.

A short video of Jevon Dängeli introducing ASE at a live ASE Facilitator Training

What is Authentic Self Empowerment?

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