Talent - Discovery & Expression

Talent – Discovery & Expression

Talent - Discovery & Expression

Talent is the unique expression of each individual’s Authentic Self, thus everyone has talent.

Don’t waste your time trying to be like others, rather invest your energy in activating who you already are.

The Authentic Self is that realm of awareness within each person where talent originates. In order to discover and use our talents, we must look within and allow that which we already are to be awakened and articulated. We all have latent talents that can be unveiled and expressed in enterprising and creative ways. Every conscious human being can learn to do this!

Talent - Discovery & ExpressionWe marvel at those who have discovered their talent and who express it artfully, yet we may become intimidated, thinking “I can’t do that”, which may generalise into “I don’t have talent”. We might not recognise that talent often needs to be uncovered and developed before it can be displayed. While certain talents flow naturally and effortlessly for some people, they lie dormant within others who need to look deeper in order to actualise their inherent potential.

Talent alone is like a buried treasure, it must be found and put to use in order for it to have value. Once it has been discovered, talent must be expressed in order for it to have an impact and create abundance. The more energy and attention invested into the talent, the more effective and productive we become. Talent - Discovery & ExpressionHighly successful people do not get there from talent alone. They need to continuously sharpen their skills, motivate themselves and adapt their approach in order for their talent to manifest into their achievements. Those who use their talents to be of service to others or make a positive impact in the world are those who understand the true meaning of success, for when we put our talents to good use in this way, we find the energy and motivation to continue expressing them as well as adapting their expression if necessary.

Choosing to discover and express your talent does not necessarily mean starting a new vocation, it can be something you open up to that enriches your life. When we’re doing what we love to do, we build up energy and resilience that can be applied in other contexts. Talents don’t need to be physical actions or even mental aptitudes, then can be qualities like imagination, intuition, wisdom, empathy, compassion, courage, love, etc. Talent - Discovery & ExpressionBecoming aware of such traits within ourselves can inspire and empower us to make a difference in the world without needing to change our profession. We simply become more in-tune with our higher intelligence and more resourceful in the face of adversity, which in turn sets a positive example for those around us.

Those who believe that they are not talented or those that choose to not pursue their talents, selecting instead to climb the ladder that leans against somebody else’s wall, may be setting themselves up for struggle. Negative beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities cause us to make choices that lead to unfulfillment and can cause burnout. Even when we think we’re making ‘responsible’ decisions based on financial and other implications, when those decisions prevent us from pursuing our talents, we prevent ourselves from living the life we’re meant to be living and in so doing we pay a high price. Ignoring our Talent - Discovery & Expressiontalents means ignoring our purpose and this can lead to suffering on various levels – physical, psychological, social and spiritual. A life of meaning and purpose is one in which we are aware of our talents and actively expressing them enthusiastically and ecologically.

The discovery of your talent arises from establishing a central purpose in your life. The Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) process guides us to connect with our higher intelligence and identify our intrinsic talent(s). The process then enables us to identify which ideas and actions are in alignment with our life purpose so that our talent can manifest and be expressed optimally.

Talent - Discovery & ExpressionMy talent is presenting and facilitating the ASE process for individuals and groups and especially children. I am currently looking for sponsors who would like to enable school children around the world to discover and express their own talent. Please contact me if you or a potential sponsor are interested in providing funding for this initiative.

Be the talent that you are!

Written by Jevon Dangeli – ASE Developer, NLP Trainer & Coach