ASE Trainer Directory

ASE Trainer Directory

Dr Hennie Geldenhuys – ASE Trainer
Cape Town and surroundings

If the principles and practice of ASE have given your life purpose and access to all those special skills and experiences, what’s the next step?

For me, it’s service : sharing it and teaching it to others.

I’m a medical doctor, Integrated Health Practitioner, and practicing ASE coach whose passion it is to facilitate ASE retreats and training courses to the public, coaches, therapists and health practitioners.

+27 82 89 555 04
Jevon Dängeli – ASE Master Trainer
Authentic Self Empowerment entails attention shifting processes and techniques suited to specific contexts, whereby you can become progressively more aware of your Authentic Self. There is no final point, there is simply an increasing conscious awareness of what was previously unconscious. Enlightening and empowering states of consciousness can be accessed and then put to use in meaningful and productive ways in order to bring more of You to Life.

The 4 categories of ASE training are –

1. ASE In:
Online and distance learning options for those who want personal ASE sessions for their own healing and transformative purposes as well as those who want to learn ASE approaches or continue their professional development.

2. ASE Emersion:
A live 2-day event for anybody who wants to raise their level of awareness, establish more “flow” in their life, activate their inner healer and enhance their mind-body-spirit connection. ASE Emersion will enable you to access your intrinsic wisdom & creativity and show you how to implement your insights in personally meaningful and practical ways.

3. ASE Facilitator Training:
A 6-day certification course teaching you how to guide individuals and groups to access their inherently wise, creative and resourceful levels of consciousness. Discover how to help people become more self aware, have enhanced access to more of their potential and an improved self healing capacity.

4. ASE Advanced Facilitator Training:
A 4-day certification course teaching the advanced ASE skills and processes, including more in depth applications of mindfulness, transpersonal psychology and NLP as well as our burnout treatment and prevention specialisation.