Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator & Trainer Directory

Profiles of all Licensed ASE (Authentic Self Empowerment), OA (Open Awareness) Facilitators and Trainers world-wide can be found here.


ASE and Transpersonal Coaching are Trauma InformedASE Licensed Facilitator.

The Licensed Facilitators & Coaches featured in this Directory have completed either the ASE Facilitator training, or Open Awareness Facilitator training,   Transpersonal Coaching course, or the Wellness Coach training, or the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Practitioner training. They are required to continue with the ASE Facilitator Development Programme on an annual basis to retain the validity of their certification and license.

Licensed ASE/OA Facilitators, Transpersonal/Wellness Coaches, and Hypnotherapy Practitioners receive the following:

  • 12 monthy supervision sessions per year (details here)
  • Access to a private supervision & collaboration forum
  • A profile featured in this website’s Directory
  • Client referrals and endorsement from us
  • ASE logo for promotional purposes
  • Licensed ASE Facilitator emblem (for ASE Facilitators)
  • Licensed Transpersonal Coach emblem (for Transpersonal Coaches)
  • Guidance to integrate the ASE Principles
  • New and updated ASE Facilitator resources
  • Support to succeed in professional praxis
  • Praxis ethics and motivation are reviewed
  • Use of our copyrighted content, branding and social media
  • Eligibility to facilitate the ASE Integrative Coaching Program (if included in training)
  • Fee for everything in this list: Swiss Francs 200.- per year

ASE banner image for Licensed ASE Facilitators