ASE Facilitator Directory

ASE Facilitator Directory

Hennie Geldenhuys MD – ASE Adavanced Facilitator
Cape Town and the Boland

My passion and my calling is to facilitate healing and growth. I combine my background as a medical doctor with ASE, focussing on inner healing that aligns with outer health. I help clients integrate their health, or lack of it, with their inner worlds, creating a space for true wellness.
Skype sessions available.

+27 82 89 555 04
Jana Allmrodt – ASE Advanced Facilitator
Germany, Hamburg (Skype sessions available)

I work with pregnant women and couples who would like to be fully prepared for a fearless, gentle and natural birthing experience that minimizes the necessity for medical intervention. Hope for the next generation…

Jevon Dängeli – ASE Advanced Facilitator
World-wide by phone/Skype. Offices in Cape Town & Hamburg

>> Burnout prevention & treatment
>> Talent discovery & expression
>> Sport performance
>> Work effectivity

I help individuals, couples and groups to resolve stressful reactions, unwanted habits and destructive behaviours. Sessions can focus on healing and personal/spiritual development or performance enhancement at work or in sport as well as improving relationships.

Joanne Moss – ASE Facilitator
Johannesburg (Skype sessions available)

I help to empower people to move through their fears with courage and confidence.

The ASE methods enable my clients to free themselves from the pain that holds them back and shift the patterns that keep them stuck, so they can move forward and become more of who they truly are with inner peace and freedom.

+27 82 447 1740
Michelle Funke – ASE Facilitator

I offer trauma recovery coaching to help people overcome and heal from traumatic experiences and traumatic bereavement, especially crime-related incidents. I also assist individuals – with a specific focus on teenagers – to empower themselves through overcoming challenges and limitations in order to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

+27 (0)82 922 6396
Mika Button – ASE Advanced Facilitator
Pretoria, South Africa

I offer the integration of goals and / or solutions into various parts of your life, specializing in addiction issues as well as life orientation. The processes are holistic, and can prove to be a very fun and profound experience for you.

Skype sessions available.

+27 (0)83 547 3671
Naomi Kieswetter – ASE Facilitator
Milnerton Cape Town
(Skype sessions available)

I help people to respond to their partners in a way that enhances and strengthens their relationship. By using ASE techniques, I assist them to increase self-awareness and unleash their inner potential.

I teach people skills to give themselves permission to be WHO they ARE – THE AUTHENTIC SELF!

Peter van Raaij – ASE Facilitator

I assist individuals to resolve stressful reactions, negative habits, antagonistic behaviours and restricting beliefs. My specialisation includes:

> Post-traumatic stress, Anxiety and FEAR treatment to set YOU free…
> Addiction- and Phobia cessation to allow freedom from servitude.
> Re-assign mental and emotional habits, destructive behaviours and dissolve limiting beliefs, thus unlocking TRUE potential!

+44 (0) 7521 984 391 / Skype: theswitch11
Shelley J Whitehead – ASE Advanced Facilitator

Shelley J Whitehead is an award winning Relationship, Dating and Bereavement Coach based in North London.

She helps Bereaved, Dumped and Divorced women & men all over the world to help heal their broken hearts and reconnect to life and love. You can work with her 1-to-1, in workshops and seminars, or hear her speak at events internationally.

Shelley also specialise in coaching individuals in the corporate world, supporting people in high-level jobs through difficult life changes to ease the process for both employee and employer.

Whether you’re looking for exciting new beginnings or desiring to put the past behind you, Shelley will help you get to where you want to be.

+44 7983 633142
Stephanie Maurel – ASE Facilitator

I believe that connecting with the authentic part of who you are is the foundation of a life lived consciously. I help people who are interested in living a life of awareness and Joy, deeply connected to who they are as they dance through this life.

I’ll help you with moving past your challenges, fears, and limiting beliefs, to step into the light of who you want to be. I facilitate the journey to wholeness and deep conscious embodiment of your self. In being conscious of the way you move with your body and move through this life you tap into the power of creating and sustaining your authentic life.

Where my service is provided:

The Forbach Studio, Mauritius

Skype sessions available

+230 58 23 71 70