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The Mindful Power audio programme

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Mindful Power enhances your Perspective, Performance, Passion & Purpose in all areas of your life!

In this unique 6-part audio programme, you will discover how to get your whole mind working for you, instead of against you. 

Mindful Power enables you to respond to all situations with greater awareness and resourcefulness. This is enlightened mind power with practical applications for people on the go, as well as those who want simple and sustainable ways to maximize their potential.

Mindful Power is one of the Authentic Self Empowerment approaches that combines Mindfulness and self-hypnosis skills with the art and science of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. This unique synergy of expansive thought with performance-enhancing methodologies has given rise to a powerful and versatile set of techniques that enable people to continue raising their level of personal and professional competence.



This audio programme helps to manage stress and prevent burnout through raising your level of emotional, social and spiritual intelligence. This leads to more fulfilment in all contexts where you apply Mindful Power.

Jevon has presented live Mindful Power workshops since 2005 in the USA, Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and South Africa. He has refined the methodology over the years, and now Mindful Power is available to you in this comprehensive and professionally recorded audio programme.

Mindful Power includes seven psychological skills to empower your life!

Part 1
includes Mindful Power facts and philosophy, which covers how to use your whole mind for more fulfilment in your personal and professional life

You will learn the anatomy of the mind, and how to best use the various faculties of your mind with greater ease and effectiveness. Part 1 also includes The Basic Mindful Power Technique, a simple but powerful technique to rapidly take control of your state of mind. You will discover how to easily switch your mind from stress mode into a calm and centered mode.
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Part 2 includes the Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique

This recording provides you with an effective way to defuse negative self-talk, or the inner critic, or runaway thoughts. You will discover how to put a stop to the thoughts and feelings that you don’t want, and replace them with a state of inner peace in a matter of seconds. The result is better sleep and more productivity.
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Part 3 includes the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique

This is a groundbreaking approach to programming your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. It utilizes an effective self hypnosis skill to direct the part of your awareness that has the greatest influence on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This leads to you being motivated to take intelligent action toward the achievement of you inner most desires.
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Part 4 includes two Mindful Power Enlightened Brain Techniques

These dynamic self-coaching skills help you to overcome mental blocks and get back in the flow. You will learn how to overcome indecision, perceived dilemmas and feelings of being stuck, so that you can enjoy more productivity, creativity, resourcefulness and trust in yourself.
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Part 5 includes the Mindful Power Resourceful Interaction Technique

This is the key to dealing effectively with confrontation and relationship issues. You will achieve the ability to quickly and easily expand your perspectives and have flexible communication no matter how complicated your interaction with another may be. With a broader view and a multiple perception stand-point you will have greater freedom to consciously choose your responses in any type of interaction with people.
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Part 6 includes the Mindful Power Meditation

The main objective of this recording is to align and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection.

Enjoy being guided through the profound Mindful Power Meditation that provides positive healing benefits while enhancing your emotional and spiritual intelligence. Another benefit of this meditation is that your ability and motivation to use all aspects of the Mindful Power paradigm will be more deeply integrated each time you listen.
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The six parts of this audio programme include seven Mindful Power techniques that are explained in simple terms with easy to follow step by step guidelines so that you can easily learn and apply them in the different areas of your life.

Each technique is supported with relevant information, so that the logic behind each step is clearly understood. You are taught exactly when and how to use these techniques in order to get the most possible value from them. You will also gain much more than only the techniques in this audio programme, as Mindful Power also provides a general outlook and approach toward the challenges in life,
so that their inherent opportunities can be more readily identified and harnessed.


“I find the simplicity of Mindful Power really appealing. The concepts are explained clearly and it’s in nice bite-sized pieces.” – Reneé Annison


Defining the three components of Mindful Power:


The first component of Mindful Power is Mindfulness –

According to various prominent psychological definitions, in Wikipedia – Mindfulness refers to a psychological quality that involves bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis, or involves paying attention in a particular way – on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.

Simply put, Mindfulness is being in the here and now.

Mindfulness in Buddhist meditation; (also translated as Awareness) is a spiritual faculty that is considered to be of great importance in the path to enlightenment.

Mindfulness practice improves the immune system and recent research suggests that it is useful in the treatment of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and addiction, amongst others.

The second component of Mindful Power is Self Hypnosis –

Self Hypnosis is a form of selective thinking, where the individual focusses on a particular goal while using skills
to relax the body and release irrelevant thoughts from the mind.

This form of selective thinking has a direct influence on the unconscious mind, and can, therefore, regulate one’s perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, as well as physiological processes of the body. If you don’t affect changes at the level of your unconscious mind, then they won’t be sustainable.

Self Hypnosis is a dynamic set of skills that are commonly used for self-healing, improving performance, tapping the wisdom of the unconscious mind, and sharpening intuition, amongst other things.

The third component of Mindful Power is Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology –

Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, or HNLP, is the study of how our Mind creates our reality through language and behaviour. It’s a powerful methodology and philosophy that helps you overcome the obstacles and habits that prevent you from performing optimally, through equipping you with practical strategies to enhance your abilities in any area of your life.

HNLP enables you to identify the triggers that cause you to think, feel and behave unresourcefully. It empowers you to change each trigger’s neurological effect so that you have more choices available to you.

One of the major premises of HNLP is that you are capable of far more than you think you are, because you are more than you think you are. This idea is based on the knowledge that your current perceptions are limited to how your neurology filters information. It’s your internal representations and states that determine your behaviour much more than the world outside of you.

HNLP methodologies offer a positive, proactive, goal-oriented and sustainable approach to enhancing performance. It shows you how to heighten awareness, use multi-level communication and have behavioural flexibility in order to achieve fulfilling results.

In the 90’s, co-founders of HNLP – John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn developed Mind Power for Life – a powerful HNLP technique that enables people to enter a deep state of relaxation while learning to access and direct their subconscious mind.

Mindful Power includes an updated version of the Mind Power for Life technique, plus other recent developments in the field of HNLP, along with the principles of Mindfulness and Self Hypnosis to provide you with a leading approach to create a fulfilling life in this day and age.

Mindful Power has its roots in modern psychology while utilizing the most up-to-date information on how the “chemical” mind works from psychoneuroimmunology. It draws on science as well as timeless spiritual wisdom and my own direct experience.


“Wow! Can it be this simple to overcome and understand life’s challenges, or is the material just so well presented? Great – simple and crystal clear, definitely inspiring and easy to follow.” – Mike Panaino


You can expect to be surprised at how easy it is to begin using Mindful Power techniques, and delighted at how immediate the results are.

There are many far-reaching benefits to using the Mindful Power approach in dealing with a broad range of challenges in your life. However, one doesn’t need a problem in order to use the skills and expanded awareness that you will gain from this audio programme, as Mindful Power enables you to be your best at home, at work, and at play.


“Jevon, you’ve done such a great job with the Mindful Power audio programme. I’m always inspired by your energy and your ability to keep putting so much into the world so consistently!” – Stephanie Maurel, Family Wellness & Pilates Specialist


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“Jevon does not believe it is always easy to change, but from his deep conviction he advises on ways to reprogram your deep seated belief systems. And he gets the bigger picture…the one where all is interconnected and interdependent. Sometimes his solutions might look simplistically easy…that’s why you should give them a try next time your thoughts are dragging you down.” – Dr. Denis Allard, Belgium

“Wow, I am so impressed with the Mindful Power audio programme! I highly recommend Mindful Power as it’s extremely good value for money, and as usual with any programme that Jevon has designed – my life and mindset will never be the same again!” – Cathy Van Eeden, South Africa