Mindful Communication - A Key Factor!

Mindful Communication – A Key Factor!

The Key To Mindful Communication


In the following three part article I will introduce three types of mindful communication and one key factor inherent in each of them.

‘Mindless‘ communication plays a crucial role in our personal problems, interpersonal conflicts and global crises. On the other hand, ‘mindful‘ communication is effective at cultivating understanding, rapport, trust and responsiveness – which are valuable attributes in any relationship, business, leadership and negotiation, as well as in wholesome parenting, teaching, training, mentoring, coaching and counselling.

Mindful Communication means listening and speaking with compassion and kindness while holding a specific type of awareness. The means to achieve this and the value of that ‘special’ awareness are outlined within the descriptions of the three types of mindful communication in the links below —

  1. Mindful Communication type 1 – Intrapersonal (interacting with self).
  2. Mindful Communication type 2 – Interpersonal (interacting with others).
  3. Mindful Communication type 3 – Transpersonal (interacting with subtle realms)