Open the Aperture of Your Awareness - Mindfulness

How to Open the Aperture of Your Awareness (and enhance mindfulness)


Peripheral Awareness - mindful resilience

Experience an Open Awareness (OA) guided process with Jevon Dangeli


OA promotes mindfulness, empathy and compassion — qualities that Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitators consider to be essential when interacting with others.


For the science behind OA and how it works, visit our OA page.

In this ASE training video, Jevon Dängeli (MSc Transpersonal Psychology) teaches you how to open the aperture of your awareness. This simple skill naturally enables people to experience a calm and centred state of mind and body. In addition to sharpening one’s sensory acuity, this awareness expanding skill helps people to become aware of their interconnection with others at a fundamental level, while ‘tuning’ their consciousness into its natural authentic mode. This brings about a state of inner peace and oneness – which results in feelings of compassion and empathy.

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