Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) at Work

ASE at Work

We offer high impact and custom designed seminars or short courses to raise levels of performance and satisfaction at work.

How is Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) beneficial to the individuals and teams as well as the organisation in which they work?

Integrating ASE approaches at work means cooperating with greater clarity, direction and purpose.

ASE provides constructive, creative and solution-focused attitudes and behaviours.

We teach specialised interpersonal communication skills to enable effective dialog, improve customer relationships, as well as help managers and leaders to be mindful in all interactions. The result is stronger and more resourceful teams and staff members who are able to ‘think on their feet’. These skills also enable individuals to constructively participate in creative ‘brain storming’ as well as problem solving sessions.

The mindfulness approaches inherent in ASE increase stress resilience by enhancing physical, mental, and social well-being. ASE promotes self-regulation of one’s emotions and focus of attention, whilst cultivating mental flexibility.

ASE equips trainers to present ideas with greater precision, clarity and impact. It also enables trainers to overcome performance issues in order to present themselves and their content confidently. Additionally, ASE helps to empower learners through identifying and utilizing their unique learning styles.

Topics covered in our ASE at Work events typically include how to:

  • Understand people’s unique communication styles and respond appropriately
  • Establish functional dialog and rapport with staff as well as with clients
  • Improve your confidence and resilience in challenging situations
  • Enhance your leadership skills – self and team leadership
  • Clarify, implement and achieve objectives
  • Manage your own resourcefulness
  • Deal with conflict effectively

ASE Burnout Prevention & TreatmentPreventing and Treating Burnout

The symptoms of burnout (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fatigue) can severely affect work performance and spill over into other areas of the burnt out person’s life. We can help to identify if people are experiencing any level of burnout and treat it accordingly in order for them to get back and stay at the top of their game. For more information on the prevention and treatment of burnout, please visit >>this page<<

What some participants on ASE at Work events have said:

“The ASE at Work course was awesome! Extremely well presented – good structure, great content, good visual support and very skillfully delivered. I particularly enjoyed the practical case studies & techiques and the ability to apply the actual learnings into practical situations – they work! Thank you!”
-Bev Jacobs, HR Executive, Financial Services: The Foschini Group-

“It was great to get the opportunity to better ourselves and our business, while learning about ASE. The event was good for team morale and getting to understand my colleagues better. The skills we learnt have been very useful. The greatest learning was from the one on one session, merging parts of my personality to help me develop a more balanced and assertive response technique to my environment. I have already seen results. Thank you for the help, Jevon, I appreciate it more than you know.”
-André Britz, Digital Strategist: digiVOX-

“This ASE at Work course was most enjoyable and streched me. I particulary liked the multi-level communication skills and how to elicit positive outcomes as well as learning more about the power of the unconscious mind.”
-Senta Morley, HR Director: The Foschini Group-

“This was a fantastic experience, I appreciated the facilitator´s knowledge and the experiential learning style. The entire content and structure of the course was great and I enjoyed the integration and use of stories.”
-Deshnee Moodley, HR Manager: The Foschini Group-

“Thank you for your patience, commitment and for sharing of yourself and your work so passionately!”
-Kim Clarke-McLeod, HR Manager: The Foschini Group-


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